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Import and Export Services, Air, Sea and Land Transport.

Do you require to import or export from Mexico to China, Europe, North, Central and South America, or vice versa ?, We handle your full loads for your convenience by means of Charter Aircraft, or consolidated, Maritime complete containers, heavy cargo, or oversized and also consolidated, Terrestrial all modalities in Full as well as consolidated.

Do you need to transport something whether small, medium, large or very large? Do not worry! We offer you the types of air, sea and land transport according to your needs.

From consolidated for small loads, large, heavy and oversized loads, call us, we can help you!

We will need the following information:

1. Addresses of origin and destination with postal codes.

2. Type of service required (Air, Maritime or Land, consolidated for small, medium and large cargo as well as oversized and overweight)

3. Description and use of cargo and quantities

4. Weights and Measures

Contact us:


Or if you prefer, call us at tels .:

+52 442 291 0218 and 442 263 6740

Do you want to communicate by WhatsApp ?, +52 442 263 6740

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